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Journal of Computational Methods in Molecular Design

Submit Manuscript

Manuscripts should be submitted by Online directly to the Managing Editor of the Journal of Computational Methods in Molecular Design at:

Scholars Research Library Journals publishes research articles, communications, review papers, and book reviews.

Peer Review Process

All manuscripts receive individual identification codes. The Managing Editor then sends it to an appropriate Editor. However, a submission may be declined by the Managing Editor without review if deemed inappropriate for reasons other than scientific merit. The Editors are fully responsible for decisions about manuscripts. The final decision whether to accept or reject a paper rests with them. The Managing Editor only communicates the final decision and informs the authors about further processing.

Revised manuscript submission

When revision of a manuscript is requested, authors should return the revised version of their manuscript as soon as possible. Prompt action may ensure fast publication if a paper is finally accepted for publication.

Final proofreading

Authors will receive a pdf file with the edited version of their manuscript for final proofreading. This is the last opportunity to view an article before its publication on the journal web site. No changes or modifications can be introduced once it is published.

Online First service

Manuscripts accepted for publication are published online in so-called Online First service as soon as they are ready for publication (that is when final proofreading is performed by authors, and all concerns are resolved). Once a manuscript appears on the Web site it is considered as published.


After publication, the corresponding author is notified by email and receives a pdf file with the published version of the manuscript.

Transfer of Copyright Agreement

A properly completed Transfer of Copyright Agreement must be provided for each accepted manuscript and that should be duly signed, scanned and sent via email to the Managing Editor.

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