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Scholar research library is an online,open acess,peer-reviewed Journal.Scholar research library is a program of fully open access journals.All articles published in Scholars research library are immediately freely available to read, download and share. the fully open access journals are published in collaboration with authorative journals and societies as well as supported by internationally renowned editorial board members.

Open Access ensures that articles are free at the point of consumption.Rather than charge for access, open access publishers apply an initial fee at the time an article is accepted for publication. This fee, known as an Article Processing Charge (APC), covers the costs of the production process. Often this charge will be covered by the author's affiliated institution(s), or by the funding body responsible for commissioning the research.

Why open Access

  • Article is made open access immediately on publication.
  • Usually associated with an Article Processing Charge(APC).
  • Article is freely available on our platform.
  • Article is the version of record, i.e. publisher's typeset PDF.

Archives of Physics Research presents timely and short papers, emphasizing fundamental theoretical and experimental research in all fields of physics, from solid state to elementary particles and it provides quarterly publication of articles in a year. The scope of the journal covers various fields of physics including Astrophysics, Atmospheric & Space Physics, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Biophysics, Condensed Matter & Materials Physics, General and Cross-disciplinary Physics (including foundations), Mathematical and Computational Physics, Nanoscience, Nonlinear Dynamics & Complex Systems, Nuclear Physics, Optical Physics, Optics & Spectroscopy, Particle Physics, Physics of Plasma Condensed Matter, Relativity & Cosmology, Statistical Physics and Theoretical Physics etc.

The journal embraces the importance of publishing all good-quality, original research articles will be considered that are within the journal's scope, and have been conducted with scientific rigour and research intigrity. The journal also features review articles, editorials and perspectives, providing readers with leading source of commentary and analysis

Submissions of the following article types will be considered:

  • Research article
  • Preliminary communications
  • Short communications
  • Methodologies
  • Reviews
  • Case reports

 Note- No Publication Fee, only Formatting charges*

Processing Charges:

Scholars Research Library is a self-supporting organization and do not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the operation of the manuscripts is solely financed by the processing fees i.e. USD 15 per page received towards Journal Formatting Services from authors. The said fees are required to meet Web page maintenance, PDF and Full text, ISSN assigning and Volumes and Issue release. Being an Open Access, Scholars Research Library does not receive payment for subscription, as the manuscripts are freely accessible over the internet. Having said this, Scholars Research Library doesn’t follow any publication fees except some nominal fees towards Journal Formatting Services.

Proofs and Reprints:

Electronic proofs will be sent as an E-mail attachment to the corresponding author as a PDF file. Page proofs are considered to be the final version of the chapter. With the exception of typographical or minor clerical errors, no changes will be made in the chapter at the proof stage. We are also offering reprints of released Issues and requested articles of Issue released as USD 5 per copy. Minimum order request should be 30 copies.

*Effective from 15th september 2017

Submit your Manuscript at :

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Additionally manuscripts can also be submitted via the Editorial Review and Tracking system

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Our Editorial Team
Tolga Depci

Associate Professor of Mining Engineering, General Manager and Vice President of Malatya Technology Development Zones, Research Associate Professor, Metallurgical Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.

Dr. Amit Shankar

DST Young Scientist, University of North Bengal


A Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Food & Biological Engineering, School of Food & Biological Engineering, jiangnan University, PR China

Dr. Pietro Paolo Falciglia

PhD Environmental Engineer, University of Catania (Italy), Reasearch associate at Laboratory of Environmental Radioactivity (INF -LNS) (Italy).

Dr.Yang Yang

Ph.D,Assistant Professor ,NanoScience Technology Center,Department of Materials Science and Engineering,University of Central Florida.

Open Access Policy

Scholars Research Library publishes all its journals in full open access format which are easily accessible for scientific community. Researchers have free and unlimited access to the full-text of articles published in Scholars Research Library Journals ie Readers can access the published articles freely without login and password. It gives the author′s research high visibility, availability and more citations.

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