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Dr. Pietro Paolo Falciglia

PhD Environmental Engineer, University of Catania (Italy), Reasearch associate at Laboratory of Environmental Radioactivity (INF -LNS) (Italy).


A Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Food & Biological Engineering, School of Food & Biological Engineering, jiangnan University, PR China

Dr. Amit Shankar

DST Young Scientist, University of North Bengal

Tolga Depci

Associate Professor of Mining Engineering, General Manager and Vice President of Malatya Technology Development Zones, Research Associate Professor, Metallurgical Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.

Dr.Yang Yang

Ph.D,Assistant Professor ,NanoScience Technology Center,Department of Materials Science and Engineering,University of Central Florida.

Prof. Dr. Adem Onal

Director of Natural Dyes Application and Resarch Center, Dean of Science Faculty Gaziosmanpasa University TURKEY

Prof. Vincenzo De Feo

State University of Salerno ITALY

Dr. Naceur Hamdi

Borj Cedria Higher Institute of Sciences and Technology of Environment TUNISIA

Dr. Jahangir Payamara

Head of Physics Department Shahed University, Tehran IRAN