A Literature Review on Common Injuries and Their Prevention in Kabaddi | Abstract
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A Literature Review on Common Injuries and Their Prevention in Kabaddi

Author(s): Sajjan Pal1*, Sheetal Kalra2, Saurabh Kumar1, Sonia Pawaria1, Priyanka Rishi1

Kabaddi is a very famous and ancient National game that originated in India. Kabaddi is a game of speed, strength, stamina and agility. Due to the combative nature of Kabaddi, there is high prevalence of injuries. The purpose of the study is to provide a comprehensive literature review on common injuries in Kabaddi and their preventive measures. A literature review was conducted utilizing the following databases of MEDLINE, Science direct, The Web of Science, PubMed, SPORT Discus and Google Scholar with using of following keywords in combinations: Kabaddi, Kabaddi competition, injuries, epidemiology, causes and prevention. A total of thirteen studies were analyzed according to common injuries and preventive measures in Kabaddi. The studies published from 2000 to the month of March 2020 were included in this review. The current evidence showed that Kabaddi is a game which is highly prone to injuries. Knee injuries were found to be very common in Kabaddi players followed by the ankle. It was found that there is a great role of mouthguards and improvement in playing technique in prevention of injury. There is a lack of epidemiological studies and prevention strategies in the Indian context in this sport. Thus injury prevention strategies are required to be implemented and put into practice for a successful sports safety framework. More epidemiological researches are needed to maximize the understanding of mechanisms of injury, risk factors for injury, optimal prevention strategies, complete and appropriate treatment and long-term effects of injury in youth sport.