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European Journal of Sports & Exercise Science

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  • Manual therapy combined with functional exercise in the treatment of the main pathologies of aging: a quantitative-qualitative randomized clinical trial
    Author(s): Dario Furnari , Nihat Ayceman, Nadya Khan , Melissa Delaney , Margaret Cerna , Himanshu Tiwari , V.V Manjula Kumari , Khaled Hamlaoui , Sebastien Lagree , Amy Peace , Shanee Lee Scott , Tonja Latham Gustin , Tanya Crowle, Susana Sanchez , Aliaksandra Eyring , Elena Talyanova , Monika Milczarek , Abdulrahim Aljayar , Juan Jose Ariet , Sandy Wanna , Sergey Petrov Mia M. Michel , Clarice Santos , Charlie Peebles , Chutima Halg , Erik Dalton , Laura Goncalves , Angela Maria Kunrath , Roberto Simon Luna , Maria Sol Rodriguez

  • neuroscience and cognitive rehabilitation: the role of cognitive training, musculoskeletal therapy in neuroplasticity models for advanced rehabilitation
    Author(s): Dario Furnari*, Nadya Khan, Melissa Delaney, Margaret Cerna, Himanshu Tiwari, V.V Manjula Kumari, Khaled Hamlaoui, Sebastien Lagree, Amy Peace, Megan Owens, Shanee Lee Scott, Tanya Crowle and Susana Sanchez

  • Noncontact injuries, rates, mechanism and occurrence in Field Hockey in Scotland
    Author(s): T. Johnston*, K. Kaliarntas, S. Brown and C. Taylor

  • Exercise Alters Genetic and Epigenetic Activities in Cells
    Author(s): Miland Singh*