A Review of Cutaneous Manifestations in Newborn Infants | Abstract
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A Review of Cutaneous Manifestations in Newborn Infants

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Shakeri Hosseinabad

Introduction: manifestations are very common in infants, and it can be a serious concern for parents, although most of them are benign and transient but some of them need further evaluation, accordingly knowledge about manifestations associated with infants can be an effective aid in the early diagnosis and treatment. The range of skin disorders is very wide. Timely examination of the skin in infants and control them is a good indicator to maintain the health of babies. Material and method: The required information through searching key words like: cutaneous manifestations, rashes, cutaneous infections, neonatal acne, early diagnosis, by Google Scholar, PubMed, Scopus, Magiran, Sid and Irandoc [from 1990 to 2016] was done Which some relevant articles were found and examined. Among 82 articles only 19 papers were quite relevant to cutaneous rashes. Findings: The first review of articles associated with this disease and infection and cutaneous rashes among infants and early diagnosis make a great help in timely treatment. Conclusion: one of the common cutaneous diseases is rashes, which treatment of bacterial or viral rashes is depends on its cause. Since that time of the disease is limited, in many patients and people with mild symptoms, do not need treatment. If the disease is caused by bacteria or other infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Infants' diseases due to thin skin and body asthenia need control and early diagnosis and timely treatment.