A Review on Nanoparticle Based Herbal Remedies for the Management of Alopecia | Abstract
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A Review on Nanoparticle Based Herbal Remedies for the Management of Alopecia

Author(s): Balaji Maddiboyina*, Vikas Jhawat, Kethavath Ramesh, Ramya Krishna Nakkala, Anantha Lakshmi Jakka

Alopecia is the medical word for baldness or hair loss. It is a health complaint in which hair is lost from certain or all extents of the body, frequently from the scalp. Generally, hair loss can be perceived owed to hereditary and metabolic disorders like hypo and hyperthyroidism, chemical exposures, medicines, environmental triggers, nutritional deficiency, long illness or severe stress etc. Drugs concerning to these sorts are such as anticancer, immunosuppressants, hypoglycemic, oral contraceptives, and NSAIDs. Based on hair loss outline and origins, alopecia is alienated into innumerable sorts. The two notable forms i.e. Androgenetic alopecia and Alopecia areata and further negligible forms like Chemotherapy alopecia, Trichotillomania etc. Even though several synthetic therapies such as Corticosteroids, dithranol, tretinoin, minoxidil and other drugs are obtainable in the market for the Alopecia cure yet even a single or multiple drug treatments not only if adequate and everlasting aftermath to the Alopecia patients. Abundant side effects are accompanying with the deployment of these synthetic medications such as erythema, pruritis, itching, dermatitis, scaling etc. To astounded concern of Hair loss, we are aiming on the Natural remedies and nanoparticles formulation of them based on abundant outcomes, which are portentous that herbs are operative for the alopecia management. The foreseen mechanisms of exploit for these herbal medicines are Nutritional assistance, Aromatherapy, 5-α-Reductase blockers and DHT blockers. Nanoparticles possess various advantages like enhanced penetration, improved bioavailability, specific targeting and amplified resistance. Natural drugs are having innumerable benefits while employing them, such as easy obtainability, amenability with patient, rarer side effects, less cost and acting by more than a single mechanism of action for supervision of Alopecia. So the nanoparticles of herbal remedies are beneficial for effective treatment of alopecia.