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A review on Recent advances in Coumarin derivatives with their multidisciplinary actions

Author(s): Bhatnagar A., Sharma P. K., Kumar N, Dudhe R.

Coumarins are an entity which is being synthesized in many of its derivative form from past few years; the entity is major source of interest for many of medicinal chemist to explore its various pharmacological potentials especially anti coagulant activity. In present article we review recent derivatives of coumarin that are synthesized with their pharmacological activities like anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, anti microbial activity, anti hepatitis and hepatoprotective, anti cancerous, anti pyretic and analgesic activity . Literature study of various research papers and other publications which provide detailed work and recent study of its derivatives is taken into consideration. Present data suggests that coumarin apart from anti coagulant activity is widely used in many of pathological conditions. Various combinations of coumarin with other heterocyclic rings with their respective activities are being reviewed in present article.