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A Study of the Mental Imagery Ability of Male and Female Badminton Players

Author(s): Zeinab Zivdar

One of the most important psychological indices that considerably affect sport performance is mental imagery and practice. Mental imagery and practice that have always been considered by many coaches and athletesis the cognitive rehearsal of a physical skill in the absence of overt physical movement. Thus, the purpose of the present research is to study the mental imagery ability of male and female badminton players. 400 male and female athletes (220 men and 180 women) participating in individual badminton tournaments form the population of the research of which 40 men and 40 women were selected as sample using simple random sampling. The present research is descriptive-comparative where field method is used for data collection. The measurement material includes 2 questionnaires (VVIQ and VMIQ). Descriptive statistics and ttest for independent samples are used for data analysis. The results indicated that there is a significant difference between male and female badminton players in internal and external imagery ability as well as mean internal and external imagery scores, suggesting that male athletes have higher internal and external imagery ability.