Acute Pneumonia in Modern Healthcare and in the History of Medicine | Abstract
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Acute Pneumonia in Modern Healthcare and in the History of Medicine

Author(s): Igor Klepikov*

Historical experience in any discipline is invaluable for its future, as the study of the results of previous practice allows you to use and develop on a new level previous successes and achievements, but at the same time avoid the mistakes of the past. Looking from these positions at the state of the problem of Acute Pneumonia (AP), it seems that this disease, which has more than two and a half thousand years of fame, does not have any worthy results of centuries of experience.

This is not just a Statement; it is a statement of fact. Today, when a large number of patients with coronavirus pneumonia appeared, it turned out that there is no reasonable treatment for this situation, and its search is conducted in a “combat situation” and actually from a “clean slate”. There is no doubt that many experts, after reading such an assessment, immediately parry it, saying that we are talking about a new pathogen, against which there are no specific means yet. But this is only a small part of the circumstances. The fact is that the usual scheme of fighting the pathogen, created over the past decades, has long turned into a leading didactic and practical dogma, replacing a logical scientific and clinically based program of medical care for a specific disease.