An antioxidant and Anti bacterial activity of Dregea volubilis leaves extract | Abstract
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An antioxidant and Anti bacterial activity of Dregea volubilis leaves extract

Author(s): Purushoth Prabhu.T, Maheswaran.V. S, Selvakumari. S, Suriyapadminimoka, Ragadeepthi. S and Guduvalli Dileep

The ethanolic extract of Dregea volubilis, benth was screened for anti oxidant and anti bacterial activity. Safer anti oxidants suitable for long term use are needed to prevent or stop the progression of free radical mediated disorders such as arthritis, hemorrhagic shock, diabetes, hepatic injury, aging neuro degenerative diseases and carcinogenesis. Antioxidant compounds in food play an important role as a health protecting factor. Scientific evidence suggests that anti oxidants reduce the risk for chronic diseases including cancer and heart diseases. The main characteristic of an anti oxidant is its ability to trap free radicals. Anti oxidant activity of ethanolic extract of Dregea volubilis were assessed using DPPH, hydroxyl, hydrogen peroxide, determination of reducing power, superoxide radical, free radical scavenging effects at various concentrations by reducing power assay. Thus augmenting the wide use of plant in the indigenous system of medicine for free radical mediated disease. The invitro anti bacterial activity shows the potent inhibitory action against Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeuruginosa, which causes carbuncles and dermatitis , with the pace of advancement in science and technology, there has been spectacular public health success with regard to control of various microbial infections. Therapeutic measures in the form of specific treatments through anti microbial drugs viz., antibiotics, anti viral, and anti fungal agents are effective in controlling the diseases. From the above studies the plant exhibits high potent anti oxidant, anti bacterial activity and the drug can be recommended for minor infectious diseases.

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