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Antihyperlipidemic effect of Tagetes erecta in cholesterol fed hyperlipidemic rats

Author(s): Rodda Raghuveer, K Sreeja, Sindhuri T, Sanjeeva A Kumar

Natural products serve as lead molecules for development for the many popular drugs. Herbal drugs are having fewer side effects than the other class of drugs which are coming from the synthetic source. Tagetes erecta, the Mexican marigold, also called Aztec marigold, is a species of the genus Tagetes native to Mexico and Central America. In the present study, hydro alcoholic extract of Tagetes erecta was studied for its anti hyperlipidemic activity in hyperlipidemic rats at a dose of 200 and 400 mg/kg. Hyperlipidemia was induced by cholesterol 25mg/kg/day. Lovastatin (10mg/kg/day) was used as standard. Blood samples were collected from rats in all the groups on 30th day and estimated for their serum cholesterol, serum triglyceride, serum HDL and serum LDL levels using standard procedures. From present study it was observed that administration of Tagetes erecta extracts significantly decreased all the hyperlipidemic parameters in rats.