Anti-Infertility Effect of Tribulus Terrestris | Abstract
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Anti-Infertility Effect of Tribulus Terrestris

Author(s): Mansoureh Masoudi, Mino Movahedi

Introduction: Tribulus terrestris is an herbaceous, annual plant that belong to family Zygophyllaceae naturalized in the Americas and Australia. The aim of this study was to overview anti-infertility effects of Tribulus terrestris. Objective: This review article is aimed to overview anti-infertility effect of Tribulus terrestris. Methods: This review article was carried out by searching studies in PubMed, Medline, Web of Science, and IranMedex databases. The initial search strategy identified about 107 references. In this study, 62 studies were accepted for further screening and met all our inclusion criteria [in English, full text, Anti-infertility effect, Tribulus terrestris and dated mainly from the year 2002 to 2016.The search terms were “Anti-infertility effect, Tribulus terrestris “pharmacological effects”. Result: The result of this study suggested that the Tribulus terrestris possess anti-infertility activity in both men and women as TT increases some of the sex hormones, possibly due to the presence of protodioscin in the extract. It is shown that TT extract aphrodisiac activity probably due to androgen increasing property of TT. Conclusion: it was concluded that T. Terrestris extract and C. officinalis extract exhibited concentration-dependent relaxation in an organ bath. Besides, T. terrestris extract is safe and effective in the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. A positive effect of TT administration on rat sperm production, associated with unchanged levels of circulating androgens was observed.