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Assessment of nephroprotective potential of Sida cordifolia Linn. in experimental animals

Author(s): Mehul V. Makwana, Nilesh M. Pandya, Dharmesh N. Darji, Sarav A. Desai,Bhaskar VH

The present study was aimed to evaluate nephroprotective activity of an aqueous extract of root of Sida cordifolia Linn. (SCAE) against gentamicin and cisplatin induced experimental animal models. Nephrotoxicity was induced in wistar albino rats by intraperitoneal administration of gentamicin (100 mg/kg) and cisplatin (7 mg/kg). Effect of simultaneous administration of SCAE in different doses (200 & 400 mg/kg) by oral route was estimated using serum creatinine, urine creatinine, serum urea and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level as renal markers. From the study, it was revealed that the aqueous extract of Sida cordifolia Linn. significantly (P<0.001) prevents renal damage by normalizing increased levels of renal markers. From the present study, it was concluded that aqueous extracts of Sida cordifolia Linn. possess potential nephroprotective activity in experimental animals.