Assessment of nutritional status in patients undergoing hemodialysis | Abstract
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Assessment of nutritional status in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Author(s): Parisa Ghaffari, Mehdi Nadiri, Alireza Gharib and Foad Rahimi

The present study aimed to determine the nutritional status of patients undergoing hemodialysis. This was a Quasi experimentalstudy. The data collection tool was a questionnaire. A total of 60 patients based on purposeful sampling method were selected and divided in two intervention and control groups [30 patients in each group]. After pre- test, designed nutritional care program was carried out for the intervention group in three stages:1- nutritional care needs assessment in the study subjects 2- to intervene in physical, psychological and social care needs areas 3- patients were followed up for 45 days, then post –test was carried out. Data were analyzedusing SPSS software version 16 and independent t test, chi-square [X2] and Mann Whitney.The results showed that there was nostatistically significant difference between the mean of nutritional training needs assessment score[p=0.77] and nutritional status efficacy score [p=0.95] in pre-test. But,there was a significant difference in the post-test, in training needs assessment in the self care of the nutritional status between the two groups [p=0.04]. In terms of nutritional status efficacy, there was a difference between the two groups, but this difference was not statistically significant [p=0.418].Due to the dependency of hemodialysis patients to receive care services, recognizing self care needs, particularly patients nutritional needs based on nursing theories and health care planning will help to increase patient compliance and self care activities.