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Bio synthesis, characterization and activity studies of Ag nanoparticals, by (Costus ingneus) insulin plant extract

Author(s): Sanjeevaraddi R Sataraddi, Sharanappa T Nandibewoor

Nanotechnology is receiving much importance in the present century due to its capability of modulating metals in to their nanoparticals. Research in nanotechnology highlights the possibility of their green chemistry pathways to produce important nanomaterials. This report, first of its kind focuses on the biological synthesis of silver nano-particals using Costus Igneus extract and its antidiabatic, antibacterial and antifungal activities. Characterization of newly synthesized silver nanoparticals was made using TEM and XRD studies. Costus Igneus mediated nanoparticals showed high antidiabatic activity, showed maximum amylase inhibition concentration of 87% at 100μg.The silver nanoparticals from Costus Igneus extract showed good antidiabatic activity than plant extract themselves