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Bioavailability studies of selected oral anti-diabetic drugs in human volunteers - A review

Author(s): S.Thirumurugu, V.Parthasarathy, D.C.Arumainayagam, R.Manavalan

The intestinal absorption of oral-anti diabetic drugs in type-II Diabetes mellitus is altered when concomitantly administered with other drugs like, antacids, antinuclear drugs, antibiotics and others. Drug therapy becomes more complex as many individuals are on multiple drug therapy and administer many drugs during same period of time. An increasing number of drug related problems caused by drug interactions extended to include drug- drug interactions, drug â?? food interactions, drug-diseases interactions. A closer monitoring and supervision of drug therapy is required so that drug related problems can be prevented or detected at an early stage. To find out the pharmacokinetic changes of oral anti- diabetic drugs when administered with other drugs meant for co-existing diseases. The following parameters should be standardized. They are HPLC analytical methods, Study design, Software to calculate pharmacokinetic parameters. In this article several HPLC methods of the analysis for anti-diabetic drugs, reports of in-vitro and in-vivo studies of anti-diabetic drugs were discussed. According to the results the changes in pharmacokinetic parameters of anti-diabetic drugs were observed and discussed. It is concluded that bioavailability studies of anti-diabetic drugs to be conducted in human volunteers with updated protocols and HPLC methods of analysis. To rectify the problems associated with concomitant administration and for better management of Type â??II diabetes therapy.