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Biological cytotoxicity evaluation of spiro[azetidine-2, 3â??-indole]-2â??, 4(1â??H)- dione derivatives for anti-lung and anti-breast cancer activity

Author(s): Prakash S. Sukhramani, Poonam S. Sukhramani, Sonal R. Tirthani, Sarav A. Desai, Maulik P. Suthar

Biological in-vitro cell-based cytotoxicity assay is an easy and cost effective tool for hit ranking and lead optimization at the early stage of drug discovery, drug design and drug optimization. In the present research investigation, spiro[azetidine-2, 3’-indole]-2’, 4(1’H)-dione derivatives were evaluated for cytotoxicity against HEK-293T (Human erythrocyte kidney cell line), MDAMB453 (Human Breast carcinoma cell line), MDA-MB468 (Human Breast carcinoma cell line), NCI-H522 (Human Lung cancer cell line) and NCI-H23 (Human Lung cancer cell line) with use of short term cytotoxicity MTT and XTT assay protocol. The IC50 was determined by dose response curve analysis and statistical analysis using GraphPad Prism application, by plotting the graph of log concentration vs % growth Inhibition. Compound 7g displayed significant cytotoxicity (IC50) in breast cancer cell lines after 48 hrs comparable with the standard control drug doxorubicin and are good candidate for development of novel drugs based on these derivatives.