Comparing of the effect perphenazineand risperidone drug on electrocardiographic | Abstract
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Comparing of the effect perphenazineand risperidone drug on electrocardiographic

Author(s): Aazadeh Rahiminasab,FaezehTatari, Vahid Farina,Safora Salemi, Senobar Golshani, Mansour Rezaei, Mostafa Alikhani

Sudden deaths due to heart disease have been sharply increased in psychiatric sections, and on the other hand, antipsychotics have been largely administrated in the treatment of psychiatric disorders, so, this study was performed to investigate Comparing of the effect perphenazine and risperidone drug on electrocardiographicin patients with schizophrenia.The current researchwas an analytical-descriptive study on 240 patients with schizophrenia disorders referred to Farabi Hospital in Kermanshah in the years 2015-2016. Patients were randomly divided into two groups, each with 120 persons. One group received 24 mg of perphenazine daily, and the other group received 6 mg risperidone, daily. To collect data, demographic and electrocardiographs were used. Data were analyzed using independent t-test, Mann-Whitney U test and Friedman test. There was no significant difference in PR between two groups. 4 cases had long PR (1.7 percent) and 3 cases had reverse T (1.2 percent). The Q-T was significantly increased in two groups, but QTc was significantly increased only in risperidone consumers. Only one abnormal QTc (480 ms) was seen amongrisperidoneconsumers. After 4 weeks, the mean QTc was 323 milliseconds in perphenazine consumers, and 330 milliseconds in risperidone consumers. After 8 weeks, the mean QTc was 324 milliseconds in perphenazine consumers, and 332 milliseconds in risperidone consumers. The increases was significant in women, but were within normal limits. Due to the significant increase in QTc in risperidone consumers, studies with larger sample sizes and longer distances ECGs may show electrocardiogram changes.