CWPT (Color Words Pick-out Test) to be able to be used for screening before MCI | Abstract
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CWPT (Color Words Pick-out Test) to be able to be used for screening before MCI

Author(s): Takaki Shimura

In recent years, pharmacotherapy for dementia has failed, and the target of research has shifted to MCI and PCSD. Along with that,�??CWPT�??which has been developed as a neuropsychological test for MCI and PCSD but has not been noticed until now has come into the spotlight. The reason is that CWPT detects minor declines in brain function prior to dementia. This method is based on the hypothesis that human behavior is controlled by the prefrontal cortex using cognitive information of 5 senses. Information flow is that information perceived by 5 senses is aggregated in the prefrontal cortex, human makes action decisions using the information and the motor association area constructs a program that controls the human behavior. So, detecting the slight decline of the prefrontal cortex must be useful for the screening for the initial stage of dementia. Under the above consideration, CWPT which is the combination of the Stroop effect’s application and recalling the episodic memory is devised. In order to obtain evidence, analysis by near-infrared spectroscopy, comparison with other neuropsychological tests, and correlation with WCST (Wisconsin Cards Sorting Test) were examined1).  In this presentation, the criteria of this test for screening are shown on the 60's, the '70s, and '80s, which are obtained using data of 1584 healthy people.