DC Photoconductivity Study of TlInS2 Single Crystals | Abstract
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DC Photoconductivity Study of TlInS2 Single Crystals

Author(s): IM Ashraf, A Salem, MJAL Salah

Thallium indium disulfide (TlInS2) single crystals were synthesized by a new local technique called modified Bridgman-Stokbager method. The major results of photoconductivity (PC) for TlInS2 single crystals were obtained within the temperature range of 77 to 300 K, the excitation intensity range of 1000 to 7000 Lux. The applied voltage was from 10 to 70 V and the wavelength range was 400-570 nm. In this manuscript, our results have been elucidated and discussed in different conditions in order to investigate important physical parameters. Dark-and photo-currents have been plotted as a function of the applied bias voltage at room temperature. By applying power law that is “I α f γ “, it was found that the recombination processes in TlInS2 are monomolecular processes. The High photosensitivity of TlInS2 layered single crystals made it possible to study their dc-photoconductivity (dc-PC) spectra in range of the photon energy from 400 to 570 nm. According to the λ1/2 method, the energy gap Eg were computed for the all the temperature range under study as results from the equivalent spectra of the dc-photo conductivity spectra at light intensity 5000 Lux.