Development and Evaluation of Controlled Release Microspheres Containing Labetalol | Abstract
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Development and Evaluation of Controlled Release Microspheres Containing Labetalol

Author(s): Swathi K.N, Ashok Kumar P* and Suresh V. Kulkarni

The aim of the study was to develop and evaluate microspheres containing Labetalol in order to achieve extended release of drug and thereby to enhance the patient compliance. Microspheres were prepared by using solvent evaporation method. The release microspheres were formulated using different polymers Eudragit RSPO, Eudragit RLPO and Ethyl cellulose with different concentrations and combination of microspheres with different polymers. The prepared microspheres were characterized for their particle size, drug entrapment efficiencies (90.26% - 94.20%), studied by FT-IR and scanning electron microscopy. The prepared microspheres were in the micrometer range, good entrapment efficiency and Scanning electron microscopy study revealed that the microspheres have rough surface and spherical in shape. The IR spectra showed stable properties of Labetalol in mixture of polymers used and revealed the absence of interactions between drug and selected polymers. The in vitro release studies were performed in pH 6.8 Phosphate Buffer which showed a release of 93.26% at the end of 10 hours in case of best formulation. Fitting the in vitro release data to korsmeyer peppas equation indicated that diffusion along with erosion is the mechanisms of drug release.