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Development and evaluation of transdermal patches of Colchicine

Author(s): Sahu Rishabh Kumar, Jain Ashish and Nayak Satish

The purpose of this research was to develop and evaluate transdermal therapeutic system of drug Colchicine with different concentration of drug and hydrophobic (ethyl cellulose) polymeric system by the solvent evaporation technique by using di-butyl phthalate to the polymer weight incorporated as plasticizer. The physiochemical compatibility of the drug and polymer was studied by thin layer chromatography method. Formulated transdermal patches were physically evaluated with regard to thickness, weight variation, drug content, flatness, folding endurance, percentage moisture content, percentage moisture loss and water vapour transmission rate. All prepared formulations indicated good physical stability. In vitro permeation studies of formulations were performed by using skin membrane. The release profile of optimized formulation indicated that the permeation of the drug from the patches was governed by a diffusion mechanism. All formulations showed high flux. These results indicate that formulations gives better permeation of Colchicine.