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Development and validation of spectrophotometric methods for the estimation of mefloquine hydrochloride in bulk and tablet dosage form

Author(s): S. Meena and S. M. Sandhya

Two new simple, selective, sensitive and economical methods (A and B) have been developed for the analysis of mefloquine hydrochloride in pure and pharmaceutical dosage form. The methods were based on ion-pair complexation between drug and dyes like metanil yellow and bromophenol blue at an optimum pH 2.8. The colored chromogens were measured at 410 nm (λmax) for method A and 415 nm (λmax) for method B. Calibration curve was linear in the range of 3 – 15 μg/ml for method A and 5 – 40 μg/ml for method B. Different analytical performance parameters such as linearity, precision and accuracy were determined. The proposed methods were validated and successfully applied for analysis of bulk and tablet dosage forms