Development of modified transdermal spray formulation of psoralen extract | Abstract
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Development of modified transdermal spray formulation of psoralen extract

Author(s): Kaur Sukhbir, Kaur Navneet, Sharma A. K. and Kanwar Kapil

The present investigation was undertaken to fabricate modified transport psoralen transdermal spray using ethyl cellulose as film-forming polymer and to carry out in vitro characterization of an optimized formulation. Formulated Topical spray was evaluated by pH, clarity of solution, spray pattern, area covered by each spray, dermal adhesion of film, flexibility of film, water washability of film, leakage from container, average weight of formulation per metered dose (or per spray), drug content per spray, film formation time, in vitro drug transport, drug content uniformity after 10th spray, 15th spray, 30th spray, 40th spray and viscosity. Batch F1 containing ethyl cellulose (4%) and polyethylene glycol (0.25%) was found to give good clarity of solution, evaporation rate, spray pattern, and tackiness of the film. Diffusion studies of the optimized formulation through the semipermeable membrane showed the release of drug to the extent 50% over a period of 6 hours. Stability studies were conducted as per ICH guidelines and indicated that formulation was stable. Skin irritation studies were performed using rat as an animal model. The results obtained show that the transdermal spray can be a promising and innovative therapeutic system for the transdermal administration of psoralen.