Development of quality standards of Carica Papaya Linn. leaves | Abstract
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Development of quality standards of Carica Papaya Linn. leaves

Author(s): Varisha Anjum, S. H. Ansari, Kamran J. Naquvi, Poonam Arora, Adil Ahmad

The present study was performed for the development of physico-chemical parameters of Carica papaya Linn. leaves belonging to family Caricaceae. The study comprises physico-chemical and phytochemical evaluation to confirm purity and authenticity of Carica papaya leaf based on WHO guidelines. Microscopy of the leaf showed presence of epidermis, collenchyma, and parenchyma, scellerenchyma, xylem, phloem and pith was found to be absent. Successive extractive value is found highest in petroleum ether extract 20.44 % (on dry weight basis). Mean ash values (%) are 16.72 (total), 3.25 (acid insoluble ash), and 6.05 (water soluble ash) and moisture content is found to be 7.77 % and the phytochemical analysis indicate the presence of carbohydrates, terpenoids, flavonoids, phenolic compounds in different extracts of C.papaya L. leaf. TLC fingerprinting profile of different extract was also developed which exhibited presence of several medium polar compounds.