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Annals of Biological Research


Development of some bioactive food compounds based soy spreads

Author(s): Sanjukta Kar, Minakshi Ghosh* and D. K. Bhattacharyya

This study demonstrates the development of Soy Spreads enriched with bioactive compounds such as new kinds of antioxidants namely Oryzanol from RBO and Lignan from Sesame oil which are absent in Soy Spread and more balanced fatty acids in respect of MUFA and PUFA ratios. The Soy Spreads with the incorporation of RBO, Sesame oil and mixture of both the oils indicate the means of producing nutritionally valuable foods with health benefits. The market Soy Spread and the different Soy spreads made have been evaluated for their physicochemical, microbiological, sensorial and nutritional properties. The proximate composition shows similar amount of carbohydrate and protein but decreased fat content(39%) in case of the enriched Soy Spreads as compared to the market Spread(45%).The mineral content increased from 1% (Market Spread) to 4% (Enriched Soy Spread).The microbial and sensorial study show good acceptability of the different bioactive compounds-based Soy Spreads.