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Development of UV spectrophotometry and HPTLC techniques for Tiapride in formulation

Author(s): B. Chitra and T. K. Ravi

Simple, accurate and precise UV spectrophotometric and chromatographic methods have been developed and validated for the determination of tiapride in its pharmaceutical formulation. The two analytical methods UV spectroscopy and HPTLC were developed and validated according to the experimental conditions of the study. The UV spectroscopic analysis was performed using methanol as solvent and detection was done at 235 nm. The HPTLC method was performed using Pre-coated silica gel G60 F254 plate using the mobile phase chloroform, methanol and ammonia in the ratio of 9:1:0.1 v/v/v followed by analysis at 240nm.Linearity was found over the concentration range of 3- 18 μg/ml for UV method and 10 – 50 ng/spot for HPTLC method with correlation coefficient 0.9996 and 0.9992 respectively. Repeatability, Intraday and Interday studies shows % RSD less than 2, which indicates that the developed methods are precise. When compared to reported methods these methods are more sensitive and cost effective. They were successfully employed for the determination of tablets containing tiapride hydrochloride.