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Annals of Biological Research


Diabetes effects on mothers and infants parameters

Author(s): Diabetes Mellitus, Blood Sugar, Placenta weight.

Placenta is a fetal organ that plays a role in food transfer, other functions such as the synthesis of a variety of hormones and growth factors are performed by placenta. In the present study we have studied the effects of diabetes on some parameters of mothers and babies. A total of 40 pregnant women were evaluated in this study, Out of these 40 placentas, 30 were from diabetic pregnant females and 10 from normal pregnant females. Immediately after delivery placenta and fetus weights were recorded. Also maternal and babies blood sugar and mothers age were recorded. All data were compared by Independent t-test, and SPSS (ver. 18) statistical software. The results obtained from this study indicated that the mean blood sugar in the baby groups were significantly different between groups (p<0.05), and in babies of diabetics the levels of blood sugar were lower than control babies. Based on the findings of this study and the previous, it is concluded that except babies blood sugar, other parameters were higher in diabetic groups compare to control group.