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Direct Anterior Restoration Using a Nanohybrid Composite Material: A Case Report

Author(s): Rabihah Alawi, Muhammad Fathy Zainal Fikry, Huwaina Abd Ghani and Nor Aidaniza Abd Muttlib

Coronal fractures of the anterior teeth as a result of trauma may lead to root canal treatment followed by post core and crown, depending on the extension of the fracture and remaining tooth structure. However, ceramic crown is not recommended for growing patient due to the unpredictable outcome in terms of aesthetic and longevity of the crown. Therefore, in the case where the remaining tooth structure is still favourable, direct composite crown is one of the options. This paper aims to present a clinical procedure for direct composite build up using Ceram.X Duo™ nanohybrid restorative material with Nayyar’s core of a 16- year old female patient. This restorative material has been chosen because it provides a natural-like restoration with a simplified shading system.