Diversity and characterisation of phytophagous scarabaeids | Abstract
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Diversity and characterisation of phytophagous scarabaeids

Author(s): Srinivasa Murthy K., Choubey B. K., Syeda Lubna1, Kumar A. R. V., Venkatesan T., Jalali S. K. and Abraham Verghese

The diversity of phytophagous scarabaeid beetles from various geographical locations of India and crops (arecanut, coconut, groundnut, millets, mulberry, neem, soybean, sugarcane and vegetables) was explored. The beetles were morphologically identified and characterised for COI gene fragment using specific primers. Sequence analysis and divergence among the species was assessed. Genbank accession numbers were obtained for the species. Molecular sequence information from NCBI revealed relatedness in all the collected scarabaeids, accurately as revealed by their morphological characters. Phylogenetic tree based on Maximum-Likelihood method was drawn on the basis of multiple sequence alignment to assess the genetic relatedness, with those reported elsewhere in the world. The genus Anomala and Protaeta sp. formed distinct clades with high boot strap values. The studies indicate the relevance of DNA sequencing to match different forms of beetles and address ambiguities in morphological identification, while the information on species diversity and abundance would help plan strategies for pest management.