Divorce, A Growing Phenomenon in Iran: Especially Among the Iranian Adolescents | Abstract
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Divorce, A Growing Phenomenon in Iran: Especially Among the Iranian Adolescents

Author(s): Sattar Kikhavani, Samira Faramarzi, Fathola Mohamadian, Eskandar Gholami Parizad, Ali Delpisheh, Ashraf Direkvand-Moghadam

The trend of divorce has been rising in recent decades and its adverse consequences are inevitable particularly for women and children. Due to the negative effects of economic and social pressures on the family strength, the trend of divorce was assessed in Ilam, Iran as a deprived area that experiences 8-year imposed war. In a cohort study all basic data, including the frequency of marriage, and divorce each year, residence, age difference between men and women, age at divorce and duration of married life were recorded through the registration centers on marriage and divorce information in Ilam, Iran from 2012 to 2016. The divorce to marriage ratio was calculated based on the number of divorces to the number of marriages each year. In total, 42363 marriages and 3425 divorces had been done with an increasing trend of divorce. The mean of divorce to marriage ratio was 8.2%. The relationship between the years and ratio of divorce was significant. Also, the difference between the ages at divorce in male and female was a significant. The trend of divorce is increasing during the past five years in Iran. The adolescent females have not developed of the physical, mental and social maturity; therefore, they can't fitness and skill to handle married life, motherhood and other duties of women in Islamic societies