Educational Philosophy Preferences in Physical Education Students | Abstract
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Educational Philosophy Preferences in Physical Education Students

Author(s): Siavash Khodaparast Sareshkeh, Fatemeh Ghorbanalizadeh Ghaziani, Seyed Morteza Tayebi and Hamed Mohamadi Bazneshin

The purpose of this study was investigation of educational philosophy preference of physical education (P.E) students. Total 266 male and female P.E students of Islamic Azad University of East-Tehran, Ayatollah Amoli, Babol and Arak were evaluated by “philosophy preference assessment” questionnaire (designed by Wise and Bandy, 2002). This questionnaire included 40 questions in 5 philosophy subunits “idealism, perennialism, realism, experimentalism, existentialism.” Ayatollah Amoli male students use all of philosophies in one range, but the female students, significantly use idealism as a dominant educational philosophy East-Tehran and Babol male and female students philosophy preference was significantly idealism and philosophy. Arak male students selected significantly realism as their dominant philosophy. Although the dominant philosophy of the majority of the male and females was idealism, our result showed the impressiveness of sex factor on selection power. Also the existence of difference among different universities indicated a disagreement among the teachers of this lesson (subject).