Effect of geminivirus infection on nodulation in cowpea | Abstract
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Effect of geminivirus infection on nodulation in cowpea

Author(s): Shail Pande

Cowpea is an important leguminous crop which also helps in improving soil quality by fixing nitrogen with the help Rhizobium. In roots symbiotic association with Rhizobium occur which results in nodule formation. In plants infected with viruses nodule formation is also affected. In this paper effect of geminivirus infection on physical attributes of nodule formation like number, weight and volume is studied and found to be adversely affected due to infection caused by geminivirus on cowpea. Virus infection has influenced the nodulation ability in cowpea. Nodules of infected cowpea plants have reduced number of nodules, decreased fresh weight and volume than their comparable healthy plants. The percentage of reductions was increased with the age of the plants. Number, fresh weight and nodules also increased with increased age of the plants both in healthy and infected plants.