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Effect of HPMC K4M, HPMC K15M, sodium alginate and carbopol 934 in the formulation of carbonyl iron capsule

Author(s): Ketan Gulabrao Albhar, Vaibhav Sudhakar Wagh , Bhagwat Babasaheb Chavan

The need of iron therapy prompted present study to develop a formulation of floating drug delivery system of carbonyl irons. Out of the chosen polymers as HPMC K15M, Sodium alginate, Carbopol 934 & HPMC K4M the positive and encouraging results in accordance to the aim have been obtained with HPMC K4M and HPMC K15M.Sodium bicarbonate has been used as the gas generating agent to assist to formulation. The formula has been optimized using factorial design. The optimized formulation shows maximum drug release with good floating behavior in vitro. The in vitro floating behavior has been further confirmed with in vitro floating behavior of the same formulation.