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Annals of Biological Research


Effect of Malaria Parasite Infection on Platelet Parameters (Platelets count, mean platelets volume and platelets distribution width) among Malaria Patients in Khartoum State

Author(s): Tarig A. M. Hamid, Fatima Alla Eldin and Hind A. Elnasri

Malaria is one of the endemic diseases in tropical and subtropical areas. In Sudan, malaria is one of the common diseases and can sometimes be fatal. This prospective case control study wascarried out in Khartoum State –Sudan to study the effect of malaria parasite infection on platelets count, mean platelet volume (MPV) and platelets distribution width (PDW) among malaria patients. A total of one hundred blood samples were collected (70 were malaria patients and 30 were control). The majority of the infected cases was due to Plasmodium Falciparum (44%)  followed by Plasmodium vivax (35%)  and lastly mixed infection There was a significant decrease (p ≤0.05)  in  the platelet count between the malaria infected and the control groups (101 x 109 /L ± 50 ) vs.( 300 x109 /L ± 89). Regarding platelet volume and platelet distribution width, there was a significant increase in their levels between the two groups (12.3 fl ±  2.4 vs 9.24 fl  ±  1.5 and 14.57 fl ±  2.6 vs. 11.68 fl ±  1.9) respectively. When analyzing the effect of  the parasite species and their effect on the different parameters studied,  the mixed infection was found to have the highest effect on reducing platelet count and increased MPV and PDW. This study showed that  Plasmodium falciparum is the main cause of malaria infection in majority of the patients . Low platelet count, high MPV and PDW are common features in malaria patients and the  highest effect was found  in the mixed infected cases.