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Effect of Ocimum sanctum and Azadiracta indica on the formulation of antidandruff herbal shampoo powder

Author(s): S. Mohamed Halith, A. Abirami *, S. Jayaprakash, Chitra Karthikeyini, K. Kulathuran Pillai, P. U. Mohamed Firthouse.

Now a day Herbal cosmetics are widely used when compared to synthetic cosmetics. In hair cosmetics, synthetic cosmetics lead to various side effects such as toxicity to eye, Over drying of hair and deposition of salt on hair shaft. Dandruff is a major problem in hair. In this study, the antidandruff herbal shampoo powder was formulated and evaluated various tests such as swelling index, foaming index, Antimicrobial activity and eye and skin irritation test etc. This study was designed to determine the antidandruff activity on the formulated herbal shampoo powder. The herbal shampoo powder was formulated using natural ingredients with Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi) and Azadiracta indica (Neem).Both are having antidandruff action. Thus the present study revealed that the antidandruff activity of Ocimum sactum and Azadiracta indica against strains of G + Organism, strains of G _ Organism and fungal organism such as candida albicans.