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Annals of Biological Research


Effect of physiological conditions and plant growth regulators on In Vitro development of matag coconut F2 zygotic embryos

Author(s): Zuraida A. R., Sentoor Kumaran G., Mazidah M. and Ayu Nazreena O.

Matag coconut F2 embryos were screened for in vitro embryo development when subjected to different shaking conditions, lighting and plant growth regulators. A higher rate of shoot initiation was observed with continuous shaking of the cultures. Media supplemented with 0.5 mg/L indole-butyric acid (IBA) showed the highest shoot initiation success (80%), followed by 70% shoot initiation with benzylamino purine (BAP), and 50% success with indole-acetic acid (IAA). Expansion of embryos was improved under a 16hr/8hr (light/dark) photoperiod as compared with continuous light. A higher rate of shoot initiation (80%) was also observed when activated charcoal was introduced into the culture media that were supplemented with either BAP or IBA. These methods and their further development could facilitate the production of large numbers of germinated embryos useful in the propagation of Matag coconut