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Annals of Biological Research


Effects of Media Cultures and Plant Growth Regulators in Micro Propagation of Gisela 6 Rootstock

Author(s): AliReza Daneshvar Hossini

Gisela 6 is one of the semi-dwarf sweet cherry rootstocks which it is well adapted to many kinds of soils especially heavy ones. Keeping in view the importance of rootstock, this study was conducted to determine the best sterilization treatment, media and plant growth regulators on micro propagation of the Gisela 6 in Khorasan Razavi Natural Resource and Agricultural Research Centre. Pre-sterilized by immersion in 70% ethanol for 1 minutes. These pre-sterilized explants were then exposed to 0.1% and 0.2% mercuric chloride for 1 and 2 minutes. Results revealed that disinfesting in 0.1% mercuric chloride for 2 minutes significantly decreased contamination. Four culture media (MS, 1/2MS, LS and Modified LS) and three concentrations of BAP (0, 1, 2 mg-1) plus 0.01 mg.l-1 were applied for multiplication stage. Results showed that the best culture medium and BAP concentration are MS and 1 mg.l-1 respectively. The mean of shoot number and length were 5.11 and 1.70 cm respectively. Four culture media (MS, 1/2MS, LS and Modified LS) and three concentrations of IBA (0, 1, 2 mg.l-1) were applied for rooting phase. It was found, the best rooting medium was MS including 1 mg.l-1 IBA and the percentage of rooted plantlets was 92. The mean of root number and length were 3 and 3.25 cm respectively. The survival percent under in vivo condition was 76.