Effects of temperature stress on Soybean seeds | Abstract
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Effects of temperature stress on Soybean seeds

Author(s): Bonny Sinha Ray, Leena Pitale and V. D. Mendhulkar

We have studied theeffects of heat treatment on the physiological and biochemical aspects in Soybean (Glycine max
L) seeds.In particular, the changes ingerminability (viability), growth intensity (vigour),content and molecular size
of protein,inthe seeds were investigated. The seeds were exposed at three different temperatures of 400C,500C,
and600C for extended periods of 3,5, and7 days. The soybean seeds exhibited gradual reduction in viability and
vigour in all the treatments.The protein content of the seeds and the molecular size of proteinsshowedreduction at
lower temperature,but wereenhanced at 600C,possibly due to the phase transition of water molecules to vitrified