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Enhanced transdermal permeation of indinavir sulfate through Stratum Corneum via. Novel permeation enhancers: Ethosome

Author(s): Sheo Datta Maurya

The aim of the present study was to investigate the potential of ethosomal formulations for transdermal delivery of indinavir sulphate from ethosomes. All the system were characterized for vesicle morphology, particle size and entrapment efficiency by Scanning Electron Microscopy , Transmission Electron Microscopy, Differential light scattering, centrifugation, elasticity and turbidity respectively. The effect of different formulation variable on skin permeation of Indinavir Sulphate was studied via synthetic semipermeable membrane or skin of new born mice by using diffusion cell. The selected system were incorporated into Carbopol934P gel and evaluated for both drug permeation and mice skin deposition. The optimized ethosomal formulation showed transdermal flux 25.01?±0.34 ?¼g/cm2/hr across rat skin as compared to 2.98?±0.21?¼g/cm2/hr for plane drug solution, 4.28?±0.54 ?¼g/cm2/hr for hydroethanolic solution and 9.7?±0/21 ?¼g/cm2/hr for classical liposomes. The obtained flux was nearly 7.5 and 12.04 times higher than conventional liposomal formulation bearing indinavir sulphate and plain drug solution Finally it was concluded from the study that, ethosomes can increase the transdermal flux, prolong the release and present an attractive route for sustained delivery of Indinavir Sulphate.