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Enhancement of solubility and dissolution rate of olmesartan medoxomil by solvent evaporation technique

Author(s): M. Balakrishnaiah and V. Rama Mohan Gupta

Ensuring sufficient drug solubility is a crucial problem in pharmaceutical-related research. For water-insoluble drugs, various formulation approaches are employed to enhance the solubility and bioavailability of lead compounds. The goal of this study was to prepare and characterize solid dispersions of the poorly water soluble antihypertensive agent Olmesartan with water soluble carriers such as Kolliphor P 407, Kolliphor P 188, Kolliwax GMS II, Kolliphor HS15, and Soluplus in proportions viz. 1:1, 1:3 & 1:5 (Drug: Carrier) to improving its aqueous solubility and rate of dissolution by solvent evaporation technique. All the formulations showed marked improvement in the solubility behavior and improved drug release. From all the formulations SD15 was found to be optimized formulation using Kolliwax GMS II as carrier based on the solubility and dissolution studies. The dissolution rate of the Olmesartan solid dispersion was greatly enhanced relative to the pure drug. The results obtained showed that the aqueous solubility and rate of dissolution was significantly improved when formulated in solid dispersion as compare to pure drug.