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Essential oil Composition of Thymelea microphylla Coss et Dur

Author(s): Said Noamane Labib, Zellagui Amar, Mesbah Khaled,Gherraf Noureddine, Lahouel Mesbah, Rhouati Salah

Essential oil components of the aerial parts of Thymelea microphyla Coss et Dur. have been studied by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to afford 11 components. The major components were found to be: D-menthone (41.86 %), 2-Undecanone (23.74 %), Pulegone(11.94%) and Perillal (9.34 %). Some other compounds were only present in minor amounts. In total, volatile oil composition of Thymelea microphyla Coss et Dur. was considered as a rich source of oxygenated monoterpenes .