Essential oil of Cytisus triflorus Lâ?? Her | Abstract
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Essential oil of Cytisus triflorus Lâ?? Her

Author(s): Aourahoum K, Aissaoui M, Fazouane F, Larit F, Chalard P, Chalchat J.C Figueredo G, Benayache F and Benayache S*

The essential oil of Cytisus triflorus L’Her., a Mediterranean species was obtained by steam distillation and identified by GC and GC-MS. 61 compounds were determined. The oxygenated terpenoidic components constituted the most important fraction (64%) followed by the fatty acids (8.2% ) and the hydrocarbonated fractions (10.7% ). Keywords : Cytisus triflorus L'Her., Fabaceae, Genisteae, essential oil, linalool, a-terpineol , geraniol, fatty acids, hexadecanoic acid, hydrocarbons.

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