Estimation of Frovatriptan Succinate in Tablet Dosage Form by RP-HPLC | Abstract
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Estimation of Frovatriptan Succinate in Tablet Dosage Form by RP-HPLC

Author(s): Gadi Raju Ramalinga Raju*, Raju V.K Vegesna and G S Prasad

A simple, precise, rapid and accurate RP- HPLC method was developed for the estimation of Frovatriptan Succinate (FTP) in tablet dosage forms. An XTerra RP-C18 Column, 250x4.6 mm, column with 5 ?¼m particle sizes and the Mobile Phase consisting of 0.02M Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate pH: 3.2 adjusted with Methanol & Acetonitrile in ratio of 70:30 v/v & water: Acetonitrile (50:50 v/v) was used as a diluent in the gradient mode. The flow rate was 0.8 ml/min and the effluents were monitored at 242 nm. The retention time was 3.066 min and the detector response was linear in the concentration range of 10-120 ?¼g/mL for FTP successively. The respective linear regression equation being Y= 65647.112x + 45974.1647 for FTP. The Limit of Detection (LOD) & The Limit of Quantification (LOQ) was found to be 1.00 & 3.00 ?¼g/mL respectively for FTP. The percentage assay of FTP was 98.17%. The method was validated by determining its accuracy, precision and system suitability. The results of the study showed that the proposed RP-HPLC method is simple, rapid, precise and accurate, which is useful for the routine determination of FTP in bulk drug and in its pharmaceutical dosage forms.

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