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Evaluation of antacid and carminative properties of Cucumis sativus under simulated conditions

Author(s): Swapnil Sharma, Jaya Dwivedi and Sarvesh Paliwal

The study was aimed to evaluate the carminative and antacid properties of Cucumis sativus fruit pulp aqueous extract under simulated conditions. Fresh fruit pulp of Cucumis sativus was homogenized and dried under shade and thus mass obtained was powdered, weighed and subjected for the evaluation of carminative and antacid profile of the drug. Carminative & antacid properties of Cucumis sativa was evaluated using carbondioxide evolution method & Rossette Rice test. The Cucumis sativus extract showed significant results for carminative properties & antacid effect (P < 0.05) at different doses and the results obtained were comparable to that of standard NaHCO3. The results of the present study suggest that extract of C. sativa significantly neutralized acid and showed resistance against change in pH and also illustrate good carminative potential. The extract of C. sativa, has shown to possess significant carminative and antacid property