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Evaluation of binder's efficiency of different natural gums in tableting process

Author(s): Braja .B.Panda, Debasis Mishra, Goutam.Ghosh, P.Sudhir.Kumar, Puspita.Acharya

The prime importance of granulation is to improve the flow properties of the powder properties and its compression properties. To form granules bond must be formed between the particles so that they will adhere with each other with sufficient strength. Granulating agent, which aid drug and excipient aggregation, are a function of the binder type, the physical properties of the drug and the processing methods. This work is to evaluate the physical properties of the granules, the tableting performance and the physical characteristics of the tablets by the use of gum tamarind and comparison with the established binders which prove the binding efficiency of the gum tamarind. The results suggest, due to the high binding capacity of the tamarind gum the characteristics of the granules and tablet are better than the other and for its lower cost and easy availability in the market the gum can be a binding agent of choice.