Evaluation of fruit wastes as substrates for the production of biogas | Abstract
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Evaluation of fruit wastes as substrates for the production of biogas

Author(s): Gargi Chakravarty

The present work is the study of fruit wastes for their potential in the production of biogas. Utilization of wastes for the production of biofuel can be a sustainable alternative to meet the energy challenge for the present and future generations. Wastes of Apple, Pineapple, Jackfruit, Orange, Banana as well as their mixture were taken as substrates and cowdung was used as the control. Laboratory scale digesters were designed and anaerobic digestion of the substrates was carried out. The amount of biogas produced from each substrate was measured by the water displacement method. The results revealed that the digestion of co substrates produced the highest amount of biogas (990 mL) at 3 weeks followed only by the control substrate (cowdung) which produced 980 mL at the same time. Among the individual substrates pineapple showed the highest potential producing 975 mL at the peak of production (3 weeks). Microbial load was also found to be in direct correlation with biogas production. The highest microbial load (6.2 × 104 cfu/mL) was recorded in co-substrates followed by cowdung (6× 104 cfu/mL) at the peak of production period. Among the individual substrates, highest microbial load was recorded in pineapple (5.8×104 cfu/mL) followed by orange (5.6×104 cfu/mL) at the peak of production. The results of the study indicate the potential of anaerobic digestion of fruit wastes for biogas production.