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Der Pharmacia Lettre


Evaluation of the suspending properties of Leucaena Latisiliqua seed gum

Author(s): Divya Raj, Sankar.C, Dilip.C, Azeem.A.K, Lisa Mary Mani, Lintu Mathew, Abdul Bari M Mambra, Senthil.V, Saranya.T.S, Suhail.K.C, Umapathi. S

The purpose of the study is to select a new cheap, effective alternative natural suspending agent for pharmaceutical suspensions. Comparative study between the Leucaena Latisiliqua seed gum and known gums like Tragacanth, Acacia were done. Leucaena Latisiliqua seed was boiled and the seed gum was extracted with acetone, dried and powdered. Then its phytochemical investigation, swelling index was determined. Different type of zinc oxide suspensions using Leucaena Latisiliqua seed gum, Tragacanth, Acacia were prepared and effect of type and concentration of suspending agent on sedimentation volume, viscosity and particle size were studied. The phytochemical test showed the presence of less common sugar. The zinc oxide suspension prepared in batches containing Leucaena gum, compound tragacanth, acacia and the result showed that sedimentation volume, viscosity, and the particle size were found directly proportional to the concentration of suspending agent and inversely proportional to the flow rate. The suspending ability of the suspending agents were in the order of Leucaena Latisiliqua gum > Compound Tragacanth >Acacia. From the results, it was concluded that the gum of Leucaena Latisiliqua can be employed as stabilizer and thickener of choice when high viscosity is desired.