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Annals of Biological Research


Evaluation the serum values of copper in sheep flocks of Kalyebar-Iran

Author(s): Amin Rahbar*, Amir Parviz Rezaie Saber and Ali Hasanpour

Cupper plays an important role in synthesis of hemoglobin and activity of respiratory chain enzymes. Cupper deficiency reduces production of red globule. Also cupper deficiency causes to abortion, weakening of body defensive system, skin and secondary infection. From other physiologic roles of cupper, it can be referred to production of blood, bone, formation of connective tissue, central nerves system and skin pigmentation. In this study in middle of each season 10 cc blood was drawn from caudal and neck vessels of apparently healthy sheep. After determination of the age of cow from dental formula in different areas and level of copper was determined by Randox kits by spectrophotometer method and finally the data of each season were compared. The mean of serum copper level according to ppm was 1.06± 0.04 in the spring and 1.48±0.06 in the summer and 0.88± 0.04 in the fall and 0.93±0.3 in the winter. There was a significant difference between serum copper in different seasons and copper level was low in the spring and fall due to increase of rainfall and consumption of low quality grass (p<0.01). The highest copper level was obtained in summer that this finding is consistent to studies in other areas. However our results indicated that the highest amount of copper was in the summer, and the lowest one was in fall, and in all areas copper deficiency normally were exist.